Our Programs

The Child Development Centre offers a variety of programs designed to meet the unique needs of children and families. Therapists and families work together to identify the options that best meet the children's needs. A Family Plan will be developed that will reflect the goals of the family.

Sometimes assessments are used to gather information about a child's strengths and challenges and to develop program ideas with families and caregivers. Assessments are planned with each individual child in mind and information is typically gathered using formal assessments, observations and during play activities.

There are a variety of ways that programming can happen with children. Options include:

  • Home based programming;
  • One to one therapy;
  • Childcare based programming;
  • Centre based groups; and
  • Interagency collaboration (e.g. Health Families, Parent Support Group).

These programming options may occur in the home, childcare program, or at the Child Development Centre.