Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Our Vision

To support children and families in achieving their aspirations.

Together we can reach the stars.

Our Mission

We work with families and community members to provide therapeutic services and support the developmental needs of all Yukon children from birth to kindergarten.

Our Values and Beliefs

Respect, trust, honesty and compassion are the cornerstones of our service.

  • We believe that childhood is a time of wonder, play and discovery.
  • We believe in an inclusive community where all chidlren are accepted, supported and valued.
  • We believe the development of children is enhanced by looking at the whole child.
  • We believe in providing services as early as possible.
  • We believe families know their children best.
  • We believe cross-cultural bridges are built through openness to all cultural values.
  • We believe in partnerships with families, each other and community members.
  • We believe in postiive mental health and well-being.